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I hope you are enjoying the regular news roundup. The top stories of the week are chosen to help better your day-to-day. As you may have caught on, there is more than just financial related content below. I hope you find value in the additional topics.

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Personal Finance
There are so many ways it can all go wrong. A budget is a fundamental component of financial health, but not all budgets are created equal. Too often,
Health & Fitness
Do you forget what you walked into the bedroom to get? One of the most common fears people have as they grow older is losing their memory. Keeping
Is heavier better? Not exactly.
Travel & Leisure
Four Seasons Resort Nevis will complete its multi-year refurbishment project just in time to offer sunseekers an alternative winter wonderland in the Caribbean. The hotel has already begu…
Markets, Economy & Business
No news about Federal Reserve policy is good news for the economy and the financial markets. And Jerome Powell, the central bank’s chairman, did his
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