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I hope you are enjoying the regular news roundup. The top stories of the week are chosen to help better your day-to-day. As you may have caught on, there is more than just financial related content below. I hope you find value in the additional topics.

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Personal Finance
Equifax, Facebook, Capital One, Yahoo – every week seems to bring news of another data breach. Millions of consumers’ sensitive information, such as login credentials, bank account info a…
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Health & Fitness
Get started. Keep going. Stop.
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Nothing feels quite as comforting as sleeping next to your phone. It’s there to entertain you before bed. It’s there’s to play soothing rain sounds.
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Travel & Leisure

The Best Things To Do Along Maui’s Luxurious Wailea Beach Frothy white-tipped waves crest and fall onto a powdery sand beach, not far from a family of
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As president of a multimillion-dollar private jet travel company, Shelley Cline knows a thing or do about extraordinary destinations. She has traversed the globe with TCS World Travel sin…
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Markets, Economy & Business
The Federal Reserve cut interest rates by a quarter percentage point Wednesday, in an effort to support an economy that continues to tap the brakes. Economic growth in the third quarter w…
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