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                                              Your Own Sharing Adventure             
And there you hear the petrol price is increasing AGAIN in November.
Where is it going to stop?
Something happening in Istanbul in a Saudi Arabian Consulate is affecting your personal finances next month?

One of the many examples every day, increasingly, affecting your life like never before.
What can you do to be less reactive to these happenings and still stay on course with your own plans – personal and career/business?

A few years ago I wrote an article about the Sharing Economy – more than 11,000 LinkedIn users viewed it ( or
Never had some many people commented or contacted me.
What made this article resonate with some many of my followers?
And how does it relate to this piece?

Its really about conscious awareness to:
– what you are worth, and
– what you can do with what you have.

To test this theory we planned an international holiday this year BUT the condition was to not cost us more than a normal stay at home READ full post here

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