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Personal Finance
We each define success in our own way. However, there are some cornerstone habits of successful people that are universal. What I find especially fascinating about these cornerstones is t…
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Health & Fitness
ROCHESTER, Minn. — Cardiorespiratory exercise — walking briskly, running, biking and just about any other exercise that gets your heart pumping —
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Researchers assessed how experience with dogs affects humans’ ability to recognize dog emotions. Participants who grew up in a cultural context with a dog-friendly attitude were more proficient at recognizing dog emotions. This suggests that the ability to recognize dogs’ expressions is learned t…
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Travel & Leisure
Retire early or quit your job and move overseas: These are the 10 cheapest places to live in 2020.
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As another year (and decade) closes, we’re looking back on the buzziest travel destinations. Countries across the world from Iceland to Croatia to Australia kept tourists on their toes wi…
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Markets, Economy & Business
Unless Netflix can invent a third new industry, don’t bet it can repeat its boffo 4.100% performance in the 2020s
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