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All of the following events are online only, so you can still get your weekly dose of NYC culture from home!

June 4, 2020

Comedy Week: Manitowoc Minute
Any Time  |  FREE      VIEW EVENT

You don’t have to be from Wisconsin to love this funny homegrown performer’s tribute to his hometown. Keep ‘er Movin’!!


June 5, 2020

Comedy Week: The Jerry Stiller Roast
Any Time  |  FREE      VIEW EVENT

“Serenity now!!” Watch this Friar’s Club roast of Jerry Stiller.


June 6, 2020

Long Form Week: Ride a (Virtual) Roller Coaster
Any Time  |  FREE      VIEW EVENT

Take a virtual ride on The Roller Coaster That Time Forgot.


June 7, 2020

Long Form Week: Fireworks!
Any Time  |  FREE      VIEW EVENT

Need a lift? Watch some fireworks!


June 8, 2020

Long Form Week: Hanalei Bay Sunset
Any Time  |  FREE      VIEW EVENT

Take a virtual trip to Hanalei Bay and watch the sunset waves…over and over.


June 9, 2020

Long Form Week: Flying over Switzerland
Any Time  |  FREE      VIEW EVENT

Soar over Swiss mountains, villages and streams in this lovely, extended-play video.


June 10, 2020

Long Form Week: Tropical Scuba!
Any Time  |  FREE      VIEW EVENT

This relaxing video of a tropical scuba dive offers clear blue vistas for hours.


June 11, 2020

Long Form Week: Flight over Tokyo
Any Time  |  FREE      VIEW EVENT

Take a night flight over Tokyo and watch the bright lights pass beneath you.


June 12, 2020

Long Form Week: Starlings in Flight
Any Time  |  FREE      VIEW EVENT

Watch as starlings weave intricate and random patterns in flight.


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