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I just got back from a home swap in Mauritius. Beachfront, pool, staff even… the whole nine yards.
Many, maybe you even ask, what’s a home swap all about?
In essence it’s when you move into someone’s house and they move into yours.

Airbnb has been around for a while.
As a family we have hosted Airbnb guests for more than 6 years now.
So we are used to the sharing economy principle.
When I read an article in Time magazine a few years ago about ‘The Home of the Future’ new mindshifts came about.
This article wasn’t specifically related to me.
The focus was the movement of Seniors in the US choosing trailer parks – and rethink your immediate association of ‘The Trailer Park’ – as last home alternatives.
The moves make soo much sense as Seniors are choosing life and opportunity above typical old investment “BRules” to sell up, unlock value, and enjoy the hard work they put in over the years very differently from the past.
This article made me want to start investing in trailer parks in and for South Africa.

How else can I apply same principle?
Applying assets to really work for one, today?

Typically a home has never been seen as a true asset other than increasing your asset value.
Growth maybe but no true immediate value.
Your home producing income or decrease expenses whilst you are still living in it, can’t be….?

Then I stumbled onto LoveHomeSwap.
It changed the way I do long travels FOREVER!
Yes Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz did their swaps in “The Holiday’ in 2006.
But that’s the movies right? No. Its real.
As a guesthouse owner, travels always include business as the market is tough and marketing abroad is essential.
But suddenly being away from home and enjoying a free new destination at no additional cost made immediate sense.

Home swapping has changed the way my kids view travels.
More importantly it has them think that a home is so much more than just were you live – the opportunities could be endless as long as you open minded.

A home is and can be the safe haven of your personal space. At the cost of a bond.
Maybe luck at the casino, lottery or and inheritance means no financial obligation.
Or many hours away from your loved ones building your business or building some else’s dreams.
For most though owning a home has a massive financial obligation.

If you could ‘USE’ your home to save money, what kind of asset have you turned it into?
Considering continued asset building value?
On top of that – immediate value to be enjoyed today?
Almost can’t be true.

Where else in your life can you apply this mindset?
Changing the way you look at old ideas or rules or notions?
Really changing your deep rooted foundation to suit your life, business TODAY?

Just like you got the news of Eskom’s faithful returning load shedding this morning, you have the choice to change your perception of it and make it work for you.
For example, instead of seeing load shedding as a negative thing, see it as an opportunity to:
– save money (no electricity bill, pause DStv subscription etc)
– be healthy (earlier bedtime)
– build relationships (if not doing dinner at the table then now perfect time)
– think sustainable future (creating opportunities to not need this and save the planet).
What kind of a 360 got Home Swapping to Eskom’s disappointments?

It’s really about viewing challenges, seeing the opportunity in them and acting on it for your personal benefit and wealth.

The old saying ‘making lemonade from lemons’ comes to mind.

Challenge your view of ‘home’ and what else it could mean.
Challenge your view of what is norm to you? (Not others)
Challenge your needs today with what you already have.
Make it happen.

A complimentary coaching session for the one that gets me to personally take up your new ‘mind shift’ idea.

Look forward to hear from you

To Your Success



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