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The Unexpected Play Festival, a collaboration between Working Title Playwrights and Theatrical Outfit, concludes tonight with our final reading, Pearl by Sonhara Eastman. WTP is thrilled to be a part of this dynamic collaboration that shines such a light on our talented members.

We rely on support for our annual campaign to keep our own light burning bright. Any and every contribution will be most welcome as we depend on this annual campaign for 40% of our operating budget. We are only $2,000 away from our $25,000 goal, please help us reach the finish line!

With your support our community can continue to promote our members’ work and participate in this and other exciting collaborations with the larger Atlanta theatre community. Please click on the donate button and make your contribution today! We’ll also gladly accept your check at Working Title Playwrights, 691 John Wesley Dobbs Avenue NE, Suite C, Atlanta, GA 30312


Working Title Playwright’s annual campaign goal of $25,000 provides almost 40% of our annual budget each year. The remainder of our income is generated through state, city and foundation grants, individual donations, member dues, and dramaturgical service and workshop fees.

WTP is a new play incubator and service organization, rather than a producing organization. Our programming is focused on serving our community in the creation of new work. In order to make our resources inclusive and accessible our events are free for all participants and viewers to attend.

Our goal is to strip away the financial barriers and production pressures that make it difficult for artists to access the resources required to create. We also make it a priority to pay all of our contributing artists (actors, directors, stage managers, dramaturgs, moderators, and playwrights as well) who make creating new, diverse works of theatre possible. Donating to our annual campaign allows us to continue offering resources to theatre artists. Your contribution is an investment in the future of the theatre.

Our mission is to provide playwrights with the opportunity to excel at their craft by fostering an environment that nurtures the creation of powerful, thought-provoking and relevant plays that bring new, diverse voices to the local and national stage.

At WTP, we practice active commitment to the following organizational values:

1. INCLUSIVITY. We welcome artists of all backgrounds and circumstances, including but not limited to differing racial and ethnic identities, gender identities, ages, religious and spiritual orientations, sexual orientations, financial situations, and levels of artistic training/experience. We believe difference creates opportunities, not obstacles.

2. BRAVE SPACE. We know that creativity takes courage, and we strive to create a space that encourages challenging conversations in a context of mutual respect. We reserve the right to disallow speech and behaviors that veer into biased judgment or personal attack for the protection of all involved.

3. COLLABORATION. Our collaborative values assume that we enter into creative community in order to learn from one another. Collaboration thrives on curious listening and honest sharing. Both must be present in order to enter true collaboration. The opportunity to grow from collaboration is ever present in all of our programs.



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