Women Who Lunch is a global women-only networking community that works for working women. We believe that the best way to foster productive networks is by creating friendships. Our open-hearted, safe, and inclusive approach to networking is what sets us apart from many networking events, which focus solely on building business contacts.

WWL is based on its umbrella organization, the Florence Belsky Charitable Foundation, whose mission is to connect people from all industries to share, empower and teach. Our aim is to identify individuals’ expertise and to provide ongoing support and mentoring to our participants through the relationships that develop during our events. We have an advisory board of more than 250 people, representing a global community of people willing to share and mentor others., and we invite all participants to become advisors.

Our events are open to women from all backgrounds, professions, and industries; we are professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, and students, who are multicultural and multi-generational. The diverse experiences, unique circumstances and divergent backgrounds that we all bring to the table, provide a rich menu of talents that adds profoundly to our network.

Each of the WWL luncheons has the goal of optimizing face-to-face interaction so that participants have ample time to introduce themselves and to network with the other attendees. To break the ice and help our attendees feel seen, safe, and welcome, each person has the opportunity to present herself to the group before breaking out into smaller groups to discuss the chosen topic of the day, over lunch. Generally, topics are chosen to assist in group discussions that create a friendly and familiar atmosphere, separate from business, while also offering everyone a chance to describe their work and passions in more detail. The final segment of each event provides time for all participants to further explore contacts and develop their network.

We are excited about our expanding network and hope you will consider joining our Women Who Lunch community by attending one or many of our events. Come experience and join this uniquely open, supportive, group of people… Building a stronger working world for women.

For more information, please visit our Women Who Lunch Policies page.