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Happy Friday, Everyone!

Please join me this week in exploring how we look to others as mirrors into ourselves–and how damaging that can be.


P.S. My Dear Readers, I have made a tough decision regarding this blog. WomanPause is truly a labor of love but/and I am finding that I need to devote more of my time right now to writing my book. I am going to cut back to bimonthlyĀ newslettersĀ instead of the current weekly schedule. This way, I wonā€™t feel as pressured and will be able to continue to give you my best. I will post every First and Third Friday at minimum. There will be months when I add an extra post or two.

Thanks in advance for all of your support!

See You Next On Friday, November 1! Have A Wonderful Two Weeks!

You Are Your Own Mirror

Have you ever had the feeling that the Universe was trying to tell you something?Ā  Events in your lifeā€”big or smallā€”occurred that you just couldnā€™t get out of your mind? Ā  They were close together in time and felt confusing or hurtful. In some way, those events felt …
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