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Dr Maria NemethHello Friend,

Last week a single lottery ticket sold in Illinois matched the numbers for a $1.337 billion Mega Millions prize. Illinois is among the states where winners of more than $250,000 can choose not to reveal their names.

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably created imaginary scenarios or situations in the future that would be loaded with a heavenly state of happiness if you had a lot of money. That’s not unusual. Most of us can spend time predicting a bright financial future loaded with possibility and promise. That is if we were to win the lottery.

But that’s not necessarily what occurs when people suddenly get a significant influx of the energy of money. Let’s look at a picture of what can happen to them.

Wishing you all my best,

Maria Nemeth
Academy for Coaching Excellence

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Featured Course:
Befriending your Body

You have a best friend. It’s been with you since the beginning and will be here until the end. It is made up of over 57 trillion sentient little creatures. It’s loyal, protective, and wants the best for you. Sometimes it gets battered, but it will always respond to your encouragement.

The name of your best friend is your body! It’s the carbon-based life form that your spirit inhabits. Your relationship with it determines the ease of your travel on your hero’s journey.

Join this course, and you’ll see how to:

  • Have the energy and focus to reach your cherished goals with ease!
  • Contact your body’s voice! It is a sweet voice that tells you what it needs to thrive!
  • Have a relationship with your body that’s filled with joy!

You’ll have a powerful “body forgiveness” process in which you let go of years of disappointments and doubts. What’s left is the natural energy of enjoyment, one of the six forms of energy we need for true success.

In addition to new tools and techniques, we also have the support of Angela Santavicca, a chi gong master. She will lead us through exercises tailored to the need of the moment. Whether it’s necessary to calm down, speed up, relax, or experience natural tension, Angela will give us short exercises we can do during and after the course!

This course only comes once every three or four years! Grab it now, and I guarantee you that three or four years from now, you’ll look back on this time and be glad you did!

If you’re ready to experience a transformation in the way you partner with your body please join us in August:

  • When: August 19, 20, 21, 2022 – 9am-5pm Pacific
  • Prerequisite: Academy Foundational Training (formerly Mastering Life’s Energies)
  • Coach Continuing Education Units (CCEUs): 21 CCEUs (10 CC, 11 RD)

Coach Spotlight:
Christine Seager

Coaching changed my life. It can change your life too. The power is within you. With a little hard work and a guiding hand, you can become the person you’ve always wanted to be.


Recommended Book:

Essential Wisdom for Getting Through the Storm
By Thich Nhat Hanh 

Written in words so intimate, calm, kind, and immediate, this extraordinary book feels like a message from our very own heart….Thich Nhat Hanh is one of the most important voices of our time, and we have never needed to listen to him more than now.


Academy Foundational Training

Academy Foundational Training (formerly known as Mastering Life’s Energies) Are you an entrepreneur, leader, teacher, changemaker, parent, coach, or best friend? Before you can empower the people around you, you have to learn to go past the point where you’ve stopped yourself!

Sep 8: Orientation Call
5-6pm PDT | 8-9pm EDT
Sep 15-18: Course
9am-6pm PDT | 12-9pm EDT
September 24
9am-1pm PDT | 12-4pm EDT


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So You Want to Be a Certified Coach


A free webinar to get your questions answered!

Have you ever thought about being a coach? What is coaching all about? If you’re interested in a new career in coaching, or simply curious, join us in this session! We will share what coaching is and what it’s not and what a career in professional coaching is all about.

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August 16 at 3:00 pm Pacific Time



Upcoming Course:
How to Lead a Successful Group

Bring out the greatness of any group you lead.

A 4-day course on the hidden yet profound principles of group empowerment that allow the natural, collective wisdom of any group to emerge, no matter the context.

Fully online via video conference

September 29 – October 2, 2022


Featured Digital Course:
The Energy of Money Course: Gold

Course includes: 12 videos (separate audios and transcripts) + Nine Workbooks + Three Live Coaching Sessions with Dr. Maria Nemeth

In this, the most powerful and complete transformational journey, we are going to uncover the hidden landscape of beliefs, patterns, and habits that underlie and can either help or hinder your everyday use of money and personal resources. It’s called your Money Autobiography.


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Winning at the Lottery of Life: Pitfalls and Promises

This week I talk about Winning at the Lottery of Life. You’ll know how difficult it is to unexpectedly have to deal with this energy, even if you’ve spent countless hours dreaming about what you’d do with it if you got some!


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