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This week, we bring you six tips from a writer who dealt with the aftermath of her late grandmother’s hoarding; a roundup of four age-friendly housing innovations helping people age in place; a debriefer on delirium: how it presents, is screened and treated; and a story on the trend of “she sheds” — plus much more.

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One woman’s advice after struggling with handling all her grandmother’s stuff

Ideas worth replicating from 4 global Innovation@Home contest winners

It’s a common condition — but both preventable and treatable

Many of the common fears people have simply aren’t true

Whimsical outdoor spaces for women are gaining popularity across the country

Experts recommend discussing the use of anticholinergics with your doctor

For this couple, another residence preserves and improves their relationship

A new study finds this can lead to better, person-centered care

How to introduce tools so everyone feels comfortable using them

The Performing Arts Legacy Project lets actors reflect on their work

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