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Next Gen,

Hey there! We hope you enjoyed a wonderful start to your week.

Tonight’s our final ?Roundup of August (sad!). Fear not — we’ll be back in your inbox next Monday evening as scheduled to help close out Labor Day. Despite what you may hear over the coming days, next week’s holiday doesnot mark the end of Summer (that’d be Monday the 23rd), so you have a few more beach days to enjoy.

Tonight we’re talking ice cream, SXSW, speaking gigs, and more. Read on for the goods (and to learn a thing or two about colors)!

Meet Burt Powers

A Senior Director at Dell, Burt infuses his team, community, and customers with entrepreneurial thought and innovation.

Meet Georgia Messinger

Georgia, a student activist from LA, is Co-Founder and COO at Trill Project and the Co-Director of Events for Harvard Ventures.

Shoutout to:

?Maryellis Bunn whose company The Museum of Ice Cream is valued at $200 million after a recent fundraise.

?Travis Percy who has launched his 8-week accelerator program to inspire impact amongst creative entrepreneurs.

?Juan David who announced the release of his book Generation Optimism which will publish late 2019.

Book We’re Reading:

?The Lessons of History (Will Durant)


News Driving our Momentum:

?Want an Adventure? Get Expert Travel Hacks (Next Gen Team)

?How Morning Brew’s referral program built an audience of 1.5 million subscribers (Tyler Denk)

⭐️Beyond Millennial Pink: How One Generation’s Colors Are Changing Everything (Jen Murphy)


Our two-cents on Murphy’s article:

“A member of the rising Gen Z, one feature in particular has stuck out to me: our obsession with pastel colors. I always thought colors were simply dictated by current fashion trends, yet pastels (‘Gen Z Yellow’ for example) are here to stay. To me, these colors truly embody our generation’s openness to a lack of identity labels — pink is no longer for girls and blue isn’t just for boys. Colors are helping facilitate the movement towards acceptance in our society.” –Joanna M.


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??Raise Money @ SXSW

SXSW Pitch showcases 50 startups across 10 categories to a live audience and panel of expert judges. Previous pitch finalists have gone on to be acquired for over $6.5B. Learn about the event and how to apply here.

?Finance @ Venture-Backed Startup

Zyper, a consumer-facing software in the advertising industry, is hiring a Finance & Operations Manager who will support the Founder in managing the P&L, running 1:1s, and more. Learn about the opportunity and how to submit your resume here.

?Call for Speakers @ Manufacturing

RAPID + TCT Conference, an event for thousands of manufacturing professionals, is accepting nominations in over 25 categories for their 2020 event. Learn about the event and how to nominate yourself or a fellow Next Gen-er here.

“You know more than anyone else does about your company, so make sure to think hard about what you’re doing.”


Learn from Danielle Strachman: Founder and General Partner of 1517 Fund, Danielle has a plethora of experience helping companies through their firsts.

Thanks for tuning in. Enjoy tonight’s ?Roundup? We love hearing from our fam, so feel free to drop us a note by hitting ‘reply.’ Until next week, keep working hard and changing the world.

Now that’s momentum.


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