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Next Gen,

Happy day, crew!

“Imagine a ‘hotshot’ has just taken over your role.”

Last Thursday we went LIVE! with Kat Cole, President and COO of Focus Brands. She shared her ‘hotshot’ rule, which involves thinking of the most impressive leader you know and imagining that person taking over your job (?). Kat plays the game each month, asking herself, “What is the one thing this person would do differently and better their first day on the job, in my place? What problem or issue would they immediately recognize and work to correct?”

At Next Gen, we’re all about energizing entrepreneurs with the momentum to create and grow meaningful businesses. So, at your next team meeting, ask yourself: What would a hotshot do in my shoes? It’s worth thinking through — and taking action — to avoid giving anyone an opportunity to do so, for you!

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☕️ Community Coffee Chat — Wednesday (4/29) at 2pm ET: Take a break and hang with your fellow entrepreneurs during our Next Gen Community Coffee Chat this Wednesday on Zoom!

? Strauss Zelnick LIVE! — Thursday (4/30) at 3pm ET: We are excited to welcome Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two Interactive, Author of Becoming Ageless, and Founding Partner of ZMC, to the LIVE! stage. Join us to explore the entertainment industry, strategies for cultivating teams, and how Strauss is defying time. Sign-up for webinar updates and enter our Dell Technologies sweepstakes here!

Social entrepreneur, Latin American, and student leader, Karly leaves nothing but good wishes behind.

Serial adventurer and Co-founder of Universal Dialect, Nick is on a mission to spread adventure around the world.

Shoutout to:? Jesse Kay and Alex Sheinman who created Makin’ Lemonade Fund to impact communities affected by COVID-19!
? Matt Kohn who recently released New Agency, an e-book built to inspire creatives and freelancers on how to grow profit margins!
? Kelley Elizabeth Henry and Leslie Voorhees who are raising funds for healthcare workers in need of masks!
If you have 10 minutes:☯️ Demonstrate Courage: During times of adversity, both courage and respect are needed to be a great leader and teammate.
? Inability to Build: Marc Andreessen paints a stunning portrait of how a lack in building and creating is resulting in chaos.
? Refusal to Change: Simon Sinek encourages his team to focus on what matters most in a different world.

If you have more time:??? Broken Rituals: Andy Slavitt seeks advice on living through loneliness when physically disconnected from family and friends.
? Upcoming LIVE!Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two Interactive, goes LIVE! with Next Gen HQ to talk through his lessons in leadership following years of experience in the entertainment industry. Learn with us and inspire your ‘WFH’ while entering for your chance to win top Dell tech!

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Facebook for Business has created $100MM in cash grants and ad credits to support 30,000 eligible small businesses. Learn more here.

? Prizes & Resources @ Global Competition
Startup of the Year has opened its 2020 application and is seeking emerging companies to apply for the opportunity to receive investments, mentor sessions, and a global community. Learn more here.

? $10K+ Flexible Financing @ Businesses 
Innovative finch company NextSeed has rolled out flexible crowdfunded working capital for businesses to raise lower-cost financing. Learn more here.

“Focus on delivering value to your customers, employees, and shareholders every day.”
Learn from Brian Zwerner: Founder of Sportal and leader of Beyond The Game Network, Brian wants entrepreneurs to focus on delivering value above all else.
Thanks for tuning in. Enjoy our weekly Roundup ?? Drop us a note by hitting ‘reply.’ We love to hear from you. Until next week, keep changing the world.

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