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It’s a year we won’t forget. It’s been a year of transformation. We are in a moment where each of us might be called to ask ourselves, “What is the question, to which my life is the answer?”

Here at ACE, we have been so inspired this year by the growing number of people coming through our program.

It’s amazing to witness the courage it takes for folks to show up in times of great uncertainty, willing to transform themselves so they can make the contribution they’re here to make.

We’re seeing now more than ever how important it is for coaches and leaders to have effective tools for resilience and compassion. That’s the heart of what Mastering Life’s Energies is all about.

Does this interest you? The early bird discount for our January course expires November 18th, so now is the perfect time to join.

If you are an aspiring coach, this course will give you the foundation of our coaching approach… as well as a clear idea of whether we might be the school for you.

If you are a leader or change maker, the course will give you simple yet powerful resilience tools and success skills to empower yourself — and those around you — especially in times of uncertainty.

If this sounds like the right fit for you, I would love for you to join us.

My best to you,


p.s. – Would you like to be supported in seeing if this course is right for you at this time? We are glad to chat with you!

p.p.s – Wondering if it’s really possible to do a course like this online? Check out what our participants have been saying… (click that link and scroll down)

“…it was so interactive and connected. I had a lot of discomfort with doing an online course, and this has shown me it’s totally possible to have a clear and focused container where this work can be done.

“This course has been exquisitely executed. I’ve taken a lot of online courses, and this has raised the bar… it’s just been extraordinary. If you are ready to make a real positive difference in your life and for others, and be equipped with effective tools to do so, this results-based program is for you.”


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