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Holistic and Intuitive Life Coaching
How To Uncover the Root Cause of Disease
Hello Dan Schneider,
Root Cause digging comes when you really want to know why? Why you are being plagued with symptoms that are getting worse. Ask yourself these following questions.
  • What thoughts are creating your anxiety?
  • When did they start to bother you?
  • Was there some kind of trauma going on some time ago?
  • Did you ignore the initial symptoms and just hoped they would go away?
  • Can you take some quiet time to rest and “go deeply within yourself” to explore what could have caused this disease?
Example: I used to get severe attacks of HIVES every few years. I would need emergency assistance to avoid going into anaphylactic shock. I sensed that it wasn’t about what I ate, but rather what emotions were in place at that time in my life. One attack took place during a break up with a partner, another happened when I was insecure about finances. After about 5 of these attacks over a period of 20 years, I finally realized that I had to look myself in the mirror…. in my eyes very deeply and tell my deepest self….ENOUGH!!!
I have the power to firstly understand the root cause of why I am suffering, and then do something about it. What are your most pressing issues in your life? What are your fears underlying them?
Let me help you move on from the past, fully into the present in order to live the life of your dreams.
Learn more at Distance Coaching or email me.
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Detox…Here I Come
We all need to check up on our health, especially when we notice some symptoms we have never noticed before. I know we can easily ignore the body’s way of giving you information. Having a high tolerance for pain is not a good quality. It tells me that you don’t care about yourself as much as you should. It really isn’t a good idea to ignore the signs, worsening the situation and having it possibly become an emergency.
This e-book below is going to teach you about the possibility of shifting your body, your mind and your spirit into another gear as you glide into the next chapter of your life.
This free-ebook gives you freedom to work on yourself. email Jill
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2020 will bring new retreats and Distance Coaching opportunities to learn how YOU CAN HEAL YOURSELF.
TMJ Release Work
If you are anywhere near South Florida and you have some definite issues with TMJ, you owe yourself a session with Jill.
All About Jill
From Jill: Last month I spoke about driving. I took the Drivewise, over 65 course. I saved $80 off my car insurance and learned a lot. Ask your insurance company about signing up for that. I am a better driver and that means a lot.
Email Jill if you have any questions about detoxification. She will give you a free 20 minute consult. Ask her how she stays youthful and relatively pain free at 74, or any other questions you may have. She would love to hear from you.
Jill Ayn Schneider, Director
Circle of Life Holistic Programs
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