SoHo Salon Series

Mendez SoHo, Soho Strut and The Florence Belsky Foundation are delighted to share our Salon Series, occasional gatherings of collectors, curators, artists, writers and art enthusiasts who meet and mingle in a informal setting to show their works of art, discuss their sources of inspiration, and share their perspectives on the development of their artistic endeavor, as well as their choice of subject matter and medium.

About the Program Sponsors:

Mendez SoHo maintains a website and loft venue celebrating the creative legacy of Louis Mendez, artist, educator and bon vivant.  The Mendez SoHo Salon Series has been launched to feature selected artists and collectors who will lead lively and informative conversations focusing on their medium, technique, motivation, and inspiration.   For further information, visit

Soho Strut provides a direct line for business owners in SoHo to talk to each other, work with each other, and ultimately strengthen their businesses. New York can sometimes feel big and impersonal, which is why as the city continues to expand and grow it’s critical that there are networks in place to help neighborhoods maintain their unique community feel.  For more information, visit

The Florence Belsky Charitable Foundation, I Can Still Do That supports the arts through donations and charitable events. I Can Still Do That is the Foundation’s media generating arm, producing media projects and educational webinars with an emphasis on individuals in transition and intergenerational mentoring.  Florence Belsky founded the Florence Belsky Charitable Foundation during her lifetime. She was a firm believer in the power of networking and mentoring and the Florence Belsky Charitable Foundation continues to carry on that legacy.  For further information visit



Roots & Rationale

Mike Part 2

Mike Part 1

Yukie Ohta

Vassia Alaykova

Paul Kowalchuk

Jane Freeman

Stanley Bulbach

Anne Elliott

Emily Rutgers Fuller

Sara Garden Armstrong

Paul Carlucci

Richard Haas

Laura Shechter

Harry Pincus

Margaret & India Evans

Rebecca Kelly Ballet

Hannah Moon

Trudy Craney with Gary Kessler