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Hi Guys,

I have less than two weeks left on my fund drive for the documentary on:
Edgar Villchur: The American Inventor.
I believe that you will agree with me that this is a very much needed documentary on a man who was not only an extraordinary inventor in the field of audio reproduction but also a very generous man. When he pioneering hearing aids, rather than apply for a patent, he decided to publish his findings and make them available to anyone who wanted to use them.
Villchur’s innovations became the industry standard and it is nearly impossible to find a hearing aid today – digital or analog – that does not use multi-channel wide dynamic range compression.
You might have also know of his generosity when it came to supporting the Woodstock.
 arts organizations and the community as well as individual artists, such as myself.
Please repay this man’s legacy with your generous contributions to make this project a reality.

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