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The Unseen Benefits of Education at Home

While we can lament the lack of “normality” of formal education during this COVID-19 pandemic, we might also be missing and overlooking some of the unseen benefits of education that are happening with learning at home. This unique setting provides an opportunity for parents to enhance their children’s education at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Four Key Educational Opportunities

Balancing Chores with Schoolwork – A Lesson in Time Management

The easy excuse for most kids when it comes to family chores can be “no time, busy with school.” However, this is the time to teach that having “no time” is a choice, and time management is a skill.  Domestic tasks like making beds and emptying the dishwasher are great opportunities to teach children time management skills while balancing these chores with schoolwork.

Family as a Team

It is important to recognize that kids are under greater stress and suffering from a lack of social interaction.  Parents can teach them that they are also not the only ones enduring stress.  Parents are also suffering, so it takes a team, and a family needs to work as a team.

Read the full details on all four benefits at “The Unseen Benefits of Education at Home“.

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