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Not coming home

Dear ,

Last month something quite awful happened with my physical body.

In the middle of the night, I experienced sharp pains in my right abdomen as well as severe retching and vomiting. It lasted for a couple of hours.

I knew I was passing out kidney stones. I was alone at home and felt too sick to drive myself to the hospital ER room.

At the height of the pains and vomiting, I just knew I had to call the ambulance. I did and they arrived promptly and took excellent care of me.

Even during the ride to the hospital and subsequent days of terrible pain and surgeries, there seemed to be “two” dimensions of me. One was the  physical pain like the “ripple of the wave in the ocean.” The other dimension was me as the “ Presence/Soul”. While I was with Presence and in bliss in my heart, at the same time, I was in terrible pains in my body.

The feeling of Presence never left me even though I had to go through three surgical procedures for the removal of the kidney stones and the stent. The recovery was uneventful and actually went well. I am fully recovered now. And immensely grateful for the loving care and abundant prayers of my family and friends!

In everyday life, there is always something that is of primary importance-the state of your consciousness and not what you are doing or going on at the moment.That is secondary.

We get into the zone and just do what is right. The thinking facility may be switched off but you just know how to act with what’s right for you. You cannot guess what you will do in the moment. Presence is your guide.

It’s a most memorable and wonderful experience when you go through life with all its challenges with the two dimensions of Self.

You respond and not react.

If you are facing a physical, mental or emotional pain and you are caught up in pain and angst and you would like some help from Presence to be your guide, click here for your “Respond with My Presence Breakthrough” session with me.

With Love & Blessings,

Dr. Vijaya

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