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For those of us in the northern hemisphere, welcome Summer.

Will you get outside to salute the sun today? You’ve got time…the most time you’ll have of any day this year, actually.

It’s OK to take a deep breath.
It’s OK let things be just as they are right now, as imperfect, challenging, upheaved, changing, and uncertain as they may be.
It’s OK to take a pause and do something that just feels good to you.

Got an offering for you, a little sonic escape…my new single, “Back to the Earth”, which came out yesterday.

BACK TO THE EARTH (Click and Pick your music platform)

This is a cover of a favorite Jason Mraz song, that I dreamt up and recorded on Earth Day, back mid-quarantine, when we still weren’t quite sure it was safe to be out and about on the planet, especially amongst other humans… so I did what i’ve been doing for months, worked out the melody on piano, then got in the closet (you did know that home clothes closets are now professional recording studios, right?) and sang.  I laid down an egg shaker for a little rhythm and time, and just sang.  And then I stacked up harmonies that felt lush and watery and healing to sing. And then I sent it to Tony, and he added even more earthy vocal textures, and gave it a good mix.  And that’s all, folks.  This is one local, all organic treat for the ears, and my hope is that it offers some soothing, sweetness and simplicity as we transition seasons.

You can listen, add it to your playlists (super helpful with those algorithms that tell more people about our music, when you do add it to playlists), Follow for more upcoming music, and create Channels and Stations based on the song at your favorite music outlet here.


Are you going back to the earth too?  Show me!  Post a photo or video of yourself enjoying nature @cassandrakubinski on FB or IG, and tag it #BackToTheEarth  (bonus points if you use the song audio in your post!)


Thank you so much for listening. Thank you for passing along this music when it moves you. Thank you for everything you’ve done to keep your families, communities and the globe safe, creative, and loving the last few months.


Doo doo doo doo doo doo dooooo…..

Lil preview of the earthy sonic salve for your ears…. Back to the Earth. What do you think? Would you listen to this on your balcony, porch, or with your toes in the lake?
You got the music in you…wear it, scribble it, crank it in the car

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