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Dear Friend,
With the school shootings close to home last week, it made me really appreciate the time I have with those I love. I hope you got (and gave) an extra hug or two. 🙂
Being empathic, it was really hard to feel the parents I knew waiting at the perimeter, the kids I knew waiting to be reunited with their parents, the teachers I knew waiting to see their families.
The fear, the sadness, the unrest. The world is hurting. Can you feel it? You and I are here to be part of the change.
So, I asked myself what I could do today…to help you create time and space for the people and things you love, to show you how to free yourself from the ties that bind you, to guide you to feel the energy course through your body as you align with your unique path, and to help you get really clear and move forward into the new year.
I call it…
If you feel called to change the world and need a little help getting out of your own way, this is for you. so that WE can bring peace to this holiday season.
Sending you so much love ?
Melissa “Spread the Love” Kalt, MD
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