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The Marc Black Band is back!
The Marc Black Band Celebrates Juneteenth (June 19) at the Bearsville Theater in Woodstock.
On the eve of the Summer Solstice, the Marc Black Band invites you to join them in celebration of Juneteenth (June 19) at the Bearsville Theater.  This performance will be dedicated to freedom loving beings from all realms and planets.  (UFO’s are welcome to reveal themselves.)
The band will feature keyboard wiz Pete Levin who’s resume includes performing with folks like Paul Simon and Charles Mingus; Eric Parker who was the drummer for the Steve Winwood and Joe Cocker; legendary Hudson Valley chanteuse, Amy Fradon on backing vocals; Mike (Blues Magoos) Esposito on bass; and Don Davis on horns of all description.
The Band will also be celebrating their new record, Everybody Wants My Hat.  It’s making a bee line for the top ten on the International Folk Chart!  And, now is available as a download or disc –
Marc Black Band
Celebrating Juneteenth (June 19) at the Bearsville Theater,
8 pm
You can get your tickets @
artwork by Lucinda Abra

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