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I’ve always believed job interviews are like dating. Just a lot faster and cheaper! 😊

Both sides primp for the occasion, put on their best face and eagerly place their “pick me!” qualifications in a box of chocolates. But there’s a lot more to ensuring a great match than just good grooming. You need to learn how to walk well… in the other person’s shoes, that is.

At the end of the date (err…day), employers and candidates are looking for one thing: mutual fit. They’re just looking through different sides of the Zoom screen.

Having helped both sides prepare for the “big day” as a recruiter and career coach, I’ve heard their respective checklists:

  • Employers mainly focus on skill fit, culture fit, and mitigating hiring risk.
  • Job candidates mainly focus on career fit, mission fit, and job growth.

And of course, both sides have a pretty big interest in compensation.

Of course, there are times when one side really listens to what the other cares about – but IMHO, we could all do a lot better.

If you’re an employer:

  • Start your interviews by asking candidates about their career motivators and exploring how this role aligns (or doesn’t) with what’s important to them.

If you’re a job candidate:

  • Thoroughly review the job posting and be prepared to address specific qualifications that will demonstrate your ability to solve the employer’s short- and long-term challenges.

By walking a mile in the other person’s shoes without taking off your own, you can prepare the right questions, and share the right stories, to let both of you know if you’ve struck the right match.

There’s your Hire Moment for the moment!


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