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Some of you may be familiar with my new book, THE VIGOROUS VIRTUES: DAILY SUCCESS PRINCIPLES FROM DIVERSE AMERICAN FOUNDERS (“VV”). I did a soft launch of VV several months ago and have decided to do a hard launch for VV over Fourth of July weekend.

There’s so much social discord these days, and VV is designed to foster unity and harmony amidst diversity. VV is a transformative book that emphasizes historic values as it imparts daily principles leading to moral excellence in individual lives and collective well-being that our communities direly need. VV offers 365 daily devotional narratives drawn from the exemplary lives of diverse historical figures – Asian, Black, Indian, Hispanic and White – who create a collage of inspirational voices beyond the traditional echoes of the Founding Founders. If you’re interested in finding out more, you can go to or check the following VV downloads:


Press Release;

Book Review;

Sample Chapters;

VV Membership Promo Video

Today only, get the new digital edition of the Vigorous Virtues on Amazon

Gett the new digital edition of the Vigorous Virtues

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