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The Aging of the Mid-Hudson Valley

The median age in six out of the seven Mid-Hudson Valley counties surpasses state and local averages. Source: Creative Commons
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The Mid-Hudson Valley has arrived at a crossroads where demographics and the economy are misaligned, and some of the most striking statistics pertain to older residents. For example, adults 55 and older are projected to comprise 35 percent of the region’s population by 2030, a 17 percent increase from 2017. And while people are moving into the region, the birth rate is well below the rate needed to maintain a stable population.

For our latest feature, science journalist Sarah Amandolare dives into a new report by Newburgh-based think tank Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress, which puts some stark numbers to troubling demographic trends that portend a spate of challenges across the region, from providing healthcare and affordable housing for seniors to creating opportunities for employment. But there are reasons to be optimistic—problems beget solutions, and New York State has already made strides to become more age-friendly.

“With the size of the housing crisis we have now, we’re going to need dozens of solutions,” Pattern for Progress’s CEO Jonathan Drapkin told Amandolare. “I look at this report as full of opportunities.”

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