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?? Hey Next Gen-er!

While this week has been very hard to understand, we are still standing together to move towards a better tomorrow. At 1:00 PM EST today we are Live with Tayo Rockson – Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Expert, who is the President and CEO of UYD Management to have an unplugged conversation on the work that he is doing at UYD and how we can all be apart of the solution. Join us on our Facebook Page – Next Gen HQ.

To best describe Tayo Rockson, we want to use his own words:

“A 21st century gentleman on a mission to use his DIFFERENCE to make a difference as a storyteller, cultural translator, and brand strategist for change-makers. My ultimate goal is to build the next set of global leaders by teaching individuals how to communicate effectively across cultures and communicate with impact. I believe that the two reasons people don’t think they can make a difference in the world is because of a fixed mindset and a limited worldview and so I work with individuals and organizations to improve their cultural competencies, exposure and grow their mindsets.”

We look forward to this live conversation with Tayo and to having you tune in alongside us. 

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