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Dear Friend,

Meeting smart, wonderful people is one of the great perks of years in the nonprofit world.

You have probably made some great friends in the industry; I’ve been lucky that way, too.

Erica Marks – today’s guest blog writer – is one of my favorites from my years at Columbia University. She is currently the Vice President of Development at SUNY New Paltz.

We have kept in touch over the years. That’s how I know she’s doing amazing fundraising.

In her article, Nonprofit Success: How to Surpass Fundraising Campaign Goals During a Pandemic, she tells us how SUNY New Paltz completed a capital campaign during the pandemic. Not a small accomplishment!

You can vicariously benefit from our friendship by reading her inspiring story here.

Oh, and, yes, I danced at her 10th wedding anniversary, and she literally got me my first gig as a consultant at The Actors’ Fund.

Read Erica’s Blog Post Here
Best wishes,


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