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Happy August!

Last month was all about travels and this month is all about shuffles… but let’s be real… aren’t all months really about shuffles?!

On Tap for this month…

I’m in the middle of celebrating 10 years of Jersey Tap Fest! I can’t believe it’s been 10 years… I’m currently working with 24 high-level and passionate tap dancers from all around the world and the experience has been beautiful so far.

Next week, I kick of my Summer Tap Techinque classes on Wednesdays AND I’m starting an absolute beginner tap class. If you haven’t shuffled before, it’s time to start!

I’m 7 weeks into my 99 day iTapOnline Teacher Training program, working with dedicated tap teachers from all over the world. It’s truly been a beautiful experience so far and I’m looking forward to continuing to work with them on a weekly basis towards their graduation date.

Friendly reminder that Fall Season registration at Grooves Unlimited is up and running. We offer the best Hip-Hop and Tap training in the area and have a fully developed program for each genre. The Tap Program includes Tap Technique, Body Percussion, Improvisation and more. Click here for class information.

Don’t forget that you can always share a shuffle with me, any time of day, anywhere with iTapOnline. My podcast, Lost in the Shuffle, broke 8000 unique downloads last month. Check it out for topics ranging from “Tap Shoe Reviews” to “How to Turn Off Your Dance Teacher Brain” and more.

What are you up to this month? Let me know if I can look forward to seeing you soon.

With love,


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