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Soul Access Meditations
“The more regularly and the more deeply you meditate, the sooner you will find yourself acting always from a center of peace.” ~ J. Donald Walters
Hi Daniel,
I hope you take advantage of this invitation to join me in this month’s FREE monthly Group Meditations.
Just sign up here and you will receive reminders on the day of the call. All you need to do is be prepared to join us 5:15pm EST on November 7th, 2019, as we connect and let peace into our daily lives.
Each month I offer this FREE, Mediation to everyone in my community. Anyone can participate regardless of whether they have meditated before. All religions and belief systems. All you need, is the ability to possess a clear consciousness that is not impaired by alcohol, drugs or a severe psychological illness. The decision to participate is completely voluntary. Children are welcome to sit with you as you meditate and must not be coerced to join in.
See what others have said about this meditation:
“Hi. During part of it, my head wanted to spin, not off, but it was a nice spiral. I’m just telling you how I felt. Maybe somebody else can relate? It just felt very nice and yeah, I just felt tingling in different parts of my head but the spiral part was oh, this is kind of neat. That’s it. It was very nice. Thank you.”
— Joanne
“What I feel is that, different people have different experiences with their mind. My personal experience, very simply has been that it has been difficult for me to relax. I just couldn’t relax. That was my state of mind, that I was so troubled with that it just wouldn’t settle down. I wouldn’t feel relaxed. If that is the case … Then, when you really settle down, then, that peace comes in. That is what I have experienced through very recently. Peace is, it is very calming and very relaxing and you want to be there and it doesn’t trouble you. It feels, like you feel happy, you feel relaxed and you want to stay there and it rejuvenates you. That is what, in very simple language, it would be. When that peace is not there, then, your mind is just running and running and running and running and it just doesn’t want to stop. Then, that running mind can work into emotions and then, you go through different emotions. That is what I would like to put in, in very simple language. Today, it was very calming. I am very, very tired today but the Meditation relaxed me a lot and it freshened me. It didn’t take me long to settle in and it was just very comfortable and very calming and relaxing for me.”
— Aditi
Please share and invite your family and friends to join us for the Group Healing Meditation on November 7th, 2019 at 5:15pm EST!

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