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Develop a game plan and change your life in 1-3 minutes a day!
This fun and easy to follow journal combines mental and physical wellbeing and only takes 1-3 minutes a day to complete—but the benefits are long-term. The introduction that explains the purpose of writing things down, and why and how to reach your goals. These journal pages are all about creating positive habits and a safe space for you to download your thoughts without judgement, so you can shift to a positive headset.

Readers will plan out their goal for the next 30 days, creating an individualized power statement and action plan. There are brain drain pages to get all your thoughts or doubts out, and a contract page to hold yourself accountable. Each week you’ll pick a main theme to focus on, and will reset and review at the week’s end.
Creating a positive habit and reaching your goal is the most important part of the process and feeling joy. Everyone will benefit from taking a few minutes every day to keep it real and love the journey!

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