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After 2 years, I am so excited to invite you to the Premiere of the BURN IT DOWN Music Video, next Tuesday August 9 at 2 pm EST, LIVE on Youtube!

I’ll be Live with Hannah Grace Colin, an amazing dancer you may know from Dance Moms.

A little timeline recap:

  • Dance Moms used 13 of my songs through their 8 seasons on Lifetime TV network, songs like “Save You Tonight”, “Swim”, “Timeless”, “There Is Only Love”, and even “Red” (extra points if you look up the album ONE by artist Trifecta to hear it… )
  • Hannah danced in Season 8 but never danced to one of my songs….
  • But then we connected online in summer 2020, when artists were sitting at home not doing much, and decided to make a music video for Burn it Down together…
  • January 2022: We shot the music video at The Triad Theatre, NYC
  • Next Tuesday, August 9, we release it into the world…and we want you to be there to share the moment!

We’ll kick off at 2 pm EST with some live music, Q&A with Hannah and I, and background on the making of the music video.  Then at 2:30 pm sharp, the video will premiere in real time on Youtube, and we’ll all watch the drama go down together

I’ve never done a live premiere event on Youtube before, so this is going to be a blast!

And if you have friends with young dancers in the family, or you watched Dance Moms, or you’re a fan of epic theatrical fiery spectacles involving pianos and dancing…

This short and sweet premiere event is for you.  RSVP Here and Pass it along!

I can’t wait to see you to share this new music video, 2 years in the making!

XO Cassandra

PS.  Hannah and I went co-live on Instagram today to announce the news.  Be sure you’re following @CassandraKubinski on Instagram to watch the announcement video and catch upcoming announcements and behind-the-scenes short videos.  I pop on there and share Artist #RealTalk about not only my projects, but artist and songwriter life.


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