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Robyn with legendary singer/songwriter Donovan.
She opened for 10 of his shows in Belgium in the early 90’s. Michael mixed the sound because Donovan only wanted a solo performer – not a duo – as opening act. Donovan’s performances were outstanding! (He was very nice & gave her those birthday flowers!)  It’s the only BBG tour where the gorillas were in different parts of the room!

Happy Birthday to Robyn!!!

Robyn surrounded by the Paparazzi at a film festival in Mumbai.

January 26th is Robyn’s birthday!  We invite you to celebrate by stirring up the universe with some 36 Husbands love!

Robyn’s birthday wish is for everyone to please join in on Jan 26th (and for the rest of the month of January) by planting new action-seeds so our Bright Blue Gorilla indie garden can blossom!

Robyn’s Birthday Wish List:
– Rent & enjoy 36 Husbands! Here’s the worldwide link: and other platforms

– Rate and Review so new film lovers can discover 36 Husbands! Rate on IMDBAmazon, or VUDU.

– Share the 36 Husbands trailer and rental link with 6 of your friends!

Your actions will go a long way in helping our little indie film have a healthy life! THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVE & SUPPORT!!!

 Robyn in her native element. She’s a California Girl!
Robyn & Michael with Koji & Martin

Italian Miracle Story on “Best or Worst” podcast

BBG had a lot of laughs on the “Best or Worst” podcast with Koji Steven Sakai and M. Martin Mapoma. Robyn & Michael tell a fun and crazy story from the early Bright Blue Gorilla days – with a miraculous ending.
36 Husbands REVIEW!

Very 1st Los Angeles 36 Husbands Review!

BBG interviews & podcasts
More International Gorilla Propaganda Here! We’ve enjoyed doing interviews & podcasts around the globe for the 36 Husbands release! Hope you enjoy them!
BBG on Tour in Berlin!
In these challenging times, make sure to watch funny films, read inspiring books, nurture yourself and reach out to your neighbors and loved ones! Keep on Keeping On!
With Love and Gratitude,
Robyn & Michael
“Remain Calm… Share Your Bananas”
Bright Blue Gorilla

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