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Bright Blue Gorilla and 36 Husbands Cast & Crew
In our 30th year as Bright Blue Gorilla we are celebrating our very first magazine cover! Such a nice surprise for Cut Frame Magazine to feature us in their December 2020 issue! We’d like to dedicate the article to you – as a holiday gift. We hope that it will encourage you to Realize Your Dreams Now! So make a cuppa, relax, and enjoy! And please share with a friend that might need to be lifted up!
36 Husbands WATCH NOW!

36 Husbands – WORLDWIDE !!!

No matter what country you’re in, you can get your 83 minutes of mood-lifting, joy-inducing, music-saturated, comedy-romance-camp-infused-Kung-Fu happiness by watching 3 powerful women and a colorful cast of characters in: 36 Husbands!
finale scene from 36 Husbands
“My favorite comedy movies have elements of all styles of comedy, expertly done. That exactly describes 36 HUSBANDS, a clever, bizarre and beautiful comedy.”
Martin Olson, Screenwriter, Composer, Los Angeles
(Nominated for 5 Prime-Time Emmy’s, Winner of CableACE award.)
Roberta Bianchini & Dominic Anglim in 36 Husbands
What are some of the challenges that happen on a film set? Check out the new Behind-the-Scenes interview with Irish actor, Dominic Anglim. (In 36 Husbands, he plays “Frankie”, MI6 agent on loan to our spy heroines.)
BBG Movies &  Music

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BBG Music!

Bright Blue Gorilla Song for the Holidays!

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Robyn and Michael in their normal attire...
Thanks to YOU, we are feeling super blessed, even through all the ups and downs of this crazy year! Your love, support, and friendly messages have truly kept us going & feeling inspired.

May the light of this holiday season shine upon you!
Remain Calm… Share Your Bananas…
Robyn & Michael
Bright Blue Gorilla

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