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Lucas HandwerkerYou & IPsychometry


Hey there,

I wanted to tell you about a small piece of my new show, You & I.

It’s called psychometry.

Psychometry is the practice of offering intuitive readings through contact with a personal object. I borrow an object from you, hold it close to my stomach and allow images and feelings to enter my mind. I use these ideas to create an intuitive reading to answer personal questions; past, present, and future.

If you’ve ever held an object knowing it belonged to a distant family member you know the experience of feeling energy in an item. This is psychometry.

Psychometry; along with other methods of divination will be used to give intuitive readings during performances of You & I in NYC and LA in January 2020.

You can find TICKETS HERE.

I also recently wrote an open letter expressing my intention and inspiration for this new endeavor. I hope you’ll take a moment to read it HERE.

This show is important to me and it’s important that I share it with you and your community.

In addition to these four dates, I’m opening the show to house performances.

If you’d like to host one, feel free to contact me directly at

I’m looking forward to seeing you and yours soon. Seating is limited so whatever you’d like to do, do it soon.




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