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Jill Ayn Schneider, BA, LMT
Intuitive Root Cause Life Coaching
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Hello Dan Schneider,
Welcome to my newsletter written from my adorable mountain home in Burnsville, North Carolina. It’s a small town 45 minutes NE of Asheville, NC. I’m quite delighted to be here, especially during this time of Covid19. Such a feeling of “meant to be” has completely come over me here. I’ve even been feeling my connection to Spirit more than ever before. My cup is overflowing so, I’m ready to share! I’m noticing that the fresh clean air is helping my memory! Who knew!
This outstanding mountain photo above is the view from a local waterfall hike we will visit during your retreat time with me. The colors alone can heal us of anything. The delicate poetic prose printed on this photo came from a book about Western North Carolina written in 1890, which I am reading in its old-fashioned emotionally charged descriptions.
Learn about my future Detox and Healing Retreat. I can receive 1-2 people at a time.
How about doing a modified juice fast with me over Skype or Phone? Great time before things get opened up. Learn more
Transitioning to a mostly plant-based diet is always going to be my recommendation to keep your body as alkaline as possible. Any of you who are cancer survivors already know how important this is.
More News: Dr. Kelly Turner, the Best Selling NY Times author of Radical Remission, has written a new book, called Radical Hope. I found out that I am mentioned on page 27-28. Because I didn’t have a biopsy in 1975, when 2 conclusive Pap test showed advanced Cervical Cancer, she wasn’t able to include my story in the first book or the docuseries from Hay House. I’m so grateful, however, that she put my story in this new amazing book. You can find it on Amazon.
Free Fasting Detox Book
This e-book below is going to teach you about the possibility of shifting your body, your mind and your spirit into another gear as you glide into the next chapter of your life.
This free-ebook gives you freedom to work on yourself. Let me assist you during this fast. I’m ready. email Jill
Detox Programs
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2020 will bring new retreats and Distance Coaching opportunities to learn how you can heal yourself.
TMJ Release Work
Jill has also designed a self-massage protocol. She can teach you how to soften the muscles which become contracted when you have TMJ.
All About Jill
Email Jill if you have any questions about detoxification. She will give you a free 20 minute consult. Ask her how she stays youthful and relatively pain free at 74, or any other questions you may have. She would love to hear from you.
Jill Ayn Schneider, BA, LMT
100 Club Drive, STE 27
Burnsville, NC 28714
(561) 945-4812

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