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In the middle of a global pandemic our union and producer trustees that comprise the Board of the SAG/AFTRA Health Plan have made the unconscionable decision to make the following changes to the SAG/AFTRA Health Plan:

-Premiums will see a huge increase— doubled for most

-Major increase to the required annual earning in order to qualify for health insurance: tier 2 insurance has been eliminated (everyone now needs to earn $25,950 in order to receive coverage)

-Eliminated the out of pocket maximum

-Forced retirees (the union’s most vulnerable members) to give up their health insurance that they spent their careers earning plus their residuals no longer count towards the $25,950 needed for insurance if they are retired and taking pension.

-Insurance no longer available to spouses if their employer offers any kind of plan.

-Eliminated out of network benefits

These are just a few of the horrendous changes being made with barely FIVE MONTHS notice in the middle of a global pandemic when there is no work to be had. This is putting SAG/AFTRA members and their families lives in danger. We must put pressure on the health plan union and producer trustees to overturn these changes immediately.



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