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Use Scripting to Succeed in Your Writing  and Your Life
Part 3

Wednesday,  February 10,  2021, 7:00 to 8:30 pm EST
via ZOOM


For any writers who haven’t taken this workshop before, don’t worry! Just jump in. I’ll be reviewing what we’ve learned so far.

In Part 2, we learned how writing these scripts is changing our lives after two weeks! Many of you brave writers agreed to take on the challenge for another two weeks and add two processes to enhance your experience.

In this webinar, Part 3, we’ll do an overall review and see what we’ve gained in a month. We’ll also review the weekly script and bring in a new refinement to make it better and simpler.

In addition, I’ll share a visualization technique that can produce wonderful upgrades in your everyday experiences. We’ll be looking at how to better use your words to create powerful images. Exploring the process of translating and images into words can be rewarding for any writer.

Please join me to review and to take a deeper dive into how to use writing to improve your personal and professional life!

Please email me at if you’d like to attend so that I can admit you into class!

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