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GR&R News
May 25, 2021
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Expedited Changes Coming to the Canadian Trademark Office: A Comparative Overview with the U.S. System
The summer of 2019 was a busy year for the Canadian Trademark system. Canada updated its trademark laws, adopted the Nice classification system, and joined the Madrid Protocol. This meant that Canada could now be designated in an International Registration. However, even before the update to its laws, the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (“CIPO”) was plagued with significant examination delays that have exasperated both attorneys and IP owners.
From the development of agriculture, if not before, people have been inventing ways to preserve, process, package, and cook food. Things we take for granted today, such as home refrigeration, freeze-drying and vacuum packaged food, continuous ovens and freezers for mass production, microwave cooking, beer in cans, and yes – even sliced bread (or at least pre-sliced and packaged loaves), were all invented in last 100 years. Many of these more recent inventions were patented. Currently, whole branches of chemistry, engineering, and biotech are applied to generate new food technology. It would take many long books to explore the breadth and depth patentable food technology inventions. However, we can get a small taste of it by looking at inventions related to what a recent survey[1] confirmed as America’s favorite food: Pizza!
Thank you to everyone who attended our virtual panel webinar. At “Corporate IP From The Inside Out – Planning Today For The Future” our panelists discussed corporate intellectual property from a legal, growth and financial perspective. Watch the webinar here!
A coalition of groups, including a newly formed organization backed by actor Leonardo DiCaprio, have mobilized $43 million for efforts to restore degraded habitats in the Galápagos Islands, an archipelago renowned for its endemic species and central role in scientists’ understanding of ecology and evolution.
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