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CMS Improvisers Orchestra Concert Kingston NY • Sunday • January 29th

The CIO performances typically start with a rehearsal that is open to the public in which the conductor works with the group on sound, dynamics and deep listening, enabling audiences to listen in. Audiences can see how the conductor shapes the sound and feel of the group and how it inspires the musicians to harmonize and blend orchestral sounds in an improvisational setting.

You may join Karl and orchestra for the rehearsal at 3pm prior to the concert at 4pm!

Click here for Jan 29th CIO Tickets!

CMS Improvisers Orchestra featuring:

Fred Lonberg-Holm, cello

Bill Horberg, flutes

Elsa Nillson, flutes

Peter Apfelbaum, tenor sax

Gus Mancini, tenor sax

Bill Ylitalo, bar. sax, piccolo flute

Chris Pasin, trumpet

Bill Cochran, french horn

Stuart Leigh, guitar

Michael Bisio, bass

Ken Filiano, bass

Tani Tabbal, drums

Ingrid Sertso, voice and poetry

Karl Berger, melodica, conducting

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