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Dear Advisor,
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The Scottish mystic Syd Banks wrote that:
“When you hear the Truth it is what is called a realization.
And with this realization, the breath of life goes into you.
It actually becomes alive! It becomes another reality!
And it takes itself and it sweeps negativity out of your life.”
If you want to breathe new life into your business, by having realizations that can completely transform your work-life, you’re going to love this month’s Meet Up Live Session, where you’ll discover….
1) The Peak Productivity Zone – The Secret Link between mindset and performance that can skyrocket your business, free up your time and keep you in a state of relaxed productivity
2) The Surest Way to have “ Permanent Presence” that virtually guarantees you show up as your best, most productive and enthusiastic self to every interaction so that high-quality business opportunities seek you out.
3) How successful business owners and entrepreneurs get into the “Resilience Zone” to eliminate procrastination effortlessly.
4) A powerful yet simple mindset shift that can refocus your Mind in how you perceive life and your own capabilities so that you will never have to stay stressed for long.
5) The Concrete Step you can take after the webinar that will make you effortlessly embody all these teachings.
and much, much more…
Title: {ONLINE LIVE WEBINAR} 3 Secrets to Effortless Productivity and Unstoppable Resilience in Business
Date: Wednesday May 20th 2020
Time: 6pm EST
The game changes once you understand the power and potential of your mind, and the direct connection to your peak performance and productivity..
You’ll be able to access new levels of creativity, insight, and energy. All with less pressure and stress.
To learn more RSVP asap here:
See you soon!
Dr. Vijaya Nair, Organizer
Transformational Health Expert & Business Mentor
100 million Healthy, Happy, Thriving Successful Entrepreneurs by 2030
About your Presenter:
Dr. Vijaya Nair an Ivy-league trained physician, medical researcher, author, entrepreneur, and international speaker. She is a Transformational Health Expert and Business Mentor/Coach. Dr. Vijaya is the Founder of, Enlightened Success Mastermind, and CEO of and, the author of PreventCancer, Strokes, Heart Attacks, and Other Deadly Killer.
Her audience includes successful and starting entrepreneurs and professionals who are in search of something better and bigger in their lives – including Peace of Mind, Increased Productivity, Success, & Having Great Teams/Partners!
Her approach is to be practical, big picture-oriented and to make this an outstanding partnership where all can win.

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