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Bill White couldn’t understand why his co-workers would count down the days, months and years to retirement. He thought, why wait? So, at the age of 58, without a safety net and without a plan, he quit! He traded the seat at his desk for a seat on a bicycle, and wait until you see the new life he’s created from just two wheels and two legs.
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Yes, words matter, but we can’t allow ourselves to be bullied by them. In this 60 Second Soapbox, Growing Bolder Founder/CEO Marc Middleton explains why coming up with a new, magical term to describe growing older isn’t going to change the way you feel about aging — only you can do that.
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Growing Bolder Magazine includes a regular feature called “Your Take,” featuring your thoughts on some of our favorite topics. For our fall issue, we’re highlighting your stories of risk and resilience. What is the biggest risk you have taken? How has it shaped your life? Click here to share Your Take and you could be featured in the next GB Magazine:
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