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Week Three:

The UGC’s 2019 Summer Programming!

The UGC Apprenticeship Program
This week, we upgraded our water infrastructure by adding a rain catch on the Maya house. Rain catches are a good way to reduce electric and water usage and also as a back up if the power goes out. This dry summer is giving us a preview of what our future may look like as global warming continues to take its toll! With the extra rain catch, we will be able to irrigate our plants. Special thanks to Isabel Romero for helping us install this system! Her assistance in the afternoon heat has been a huge help.

We completed many important tasks in the garden this week including: harvesting tons of garlic, making a “lasagna bed,” hilling potatoes and planting beans. Thanks to Alex Baderian and Jess Riozzi for giving us seed garlic! We can pay it forward this year by giving seed garlic to members of our community and encouraging them to work toward food sovereignty.

We have been working hard to implement Sasha Kay’s design for our main garden gate. She has created a design that integrates various natural building styles into this project. It’s been a challenge, but the finished product is going to be awesome!

As always, Paulie has been fueling us with INCREDIBLE food made with fresh ingredients from the UGC garden! Thank you, Paulie!

The Kingston High School Garden
We’ve been maintaining the garden with the incoming freshman at the high school. In between watering, killing potato bugs and learning about food justice, we were able to harvest a bunch of potatoes from our lasagna bed on the east building! It’s great to see our soil building practices pay off. We’ll be enjoying our home grown potatoes during the celebration picnic at the end of the summer program. This is what its all about!
The Re:seed Saugerties Learning Garden
This week was so hot at the Re:seed garden that we couldn’t safely bring kids to the garden. Luckily, we had work to do inside. We separated, cleaned and weighed the garlic we harvested the previous week. We had quite the haul! The kids learned about the medicinal value of garlic and they all got a chance to try a piece of raw clove. We were able to give out 40 bags of garlic to parents and staff at The Boys & Girls Club and also kept plenty of garlic for seed to plant in the fall.



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