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What have the Hollands been up to during this time of shut-in and civil unrest? Busy, very busy! While we are enjoying an unexpected extended honeymoon, we see and hear the issues that have impacted the whole world – particularly our nation and our city. We have joined forces, as a couple, to develop products and services to help prepare others with tools that empower. There is no magic bullet, but as each of us does our part, we believe that our families and communities will rebound and move forward with faith and purpose.

Dusting off the Old
Launching the New

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Joe & Jacquie

Vigorous Virtues
Diversity * Social Impact * Success Principles

On July 4th, we will officially launch the Vigorous Virtues book, membership site and academy. This mainstream tool is a re-imagining of American history that brings awareness to the diversity of voices that helped build the character of this nation. The daily success principles rise from this historical context. Pray as we plan to enter into various book contests throughout the year.

Holistic Hardware: Crisis Coaching
Re-launch of a time-tested, personal development  self-paced, online tool

CRU International reached out to Joe to dust off this tool for leaders & community. Those most impacted at this time will need to be equipped with these holistic tools for success in this new economy and social structure. Many will look to the Church to guide them through the “crisis after the crisis.” We are thankful to contribute to the solution!

We would like to keep you up to date on how the Lord is moving in our lives with this quarterly newsletter. There is so much more to share. We want God to get the glory!

Courage & Grace,

Joe & Jacquie

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