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Dear Friend,

It is so clear to me that now more than ever, we need to dream boldly and work together to improve our world.

Together we can inspire powerful change.

There is so much good writing about what needs to be done, that this week I want to be your intermission and entertainment.

And so, I thought I’d send you something fun and simple that encourages us to connect…

The Heller Fundraising Group’s No Soliciting Photo Gallery!

In our No Soliciting Photo Gallery, the Heller Group’s network of fundraisers and friends take selfies in front of “No Soliciting” signs all over the country.

Please join us!!

We’ve created printable no soliciting signs to use in your home in order to adapt to the times.

Among the selfies in the gallery, you will find 7 no soliciting signs. Click on your favorite and select “print” from your file dropdown menu. Snap your own shot with your printed no soliciting sign and join our page! (Send your photo to

We’ll include a link-back to your website or LinkedIn profile so we can all connect.

Best wishes,


Check out the No Soliciting Gallery here!


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