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Hi all,


In the spirit of hope-filled transitions, I have some news:
I received a phone call last month from the Executive Director of Animal Outlook, who was General Counsel when I interned in D.C. with the org (then known as Compassion Over Killing) in 2010. Since that summer, I’ve worked a couple of times with them on strategy/campaign projects. Now, she’s asked me to come on board as her Chief of Staff! Cheryl is a brilliant mind and also a ton of fun getting creative with — we were brainstorming within minutes during that call. My start date is February 8th.
AO does groundbreaking work for farm animals with its undercover investigations and legal advocacy that strategically challenges the status quo of agribusiness, from animal cruelty to misleading marketing and unfair business practices. The org’s work also includes food reform through corporate outreach and helping farmers in animal agriculture make a successful transition to non-animal crops — the triple win for animals, humans, and our planet 🙂
Let’s all continue to grab and share the joy and hope wherever we can find it in our day to day. A big AIR HUG to each of you. Stay safe, stay well!

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