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Exciting News It’s Today!!LIVE Webinar: Make 2020 Your Best Year Yet For Power, Freedom, Balance and Impact.

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Are you facing constant stress and pressure meeting your life and business goals?

What if you could accomplish more than you ever imagined without the constant stress, hustle, grind and pressure associated with setting business and life goals and high achievement?

In our LIVE Webinar session you will discover the following:

—How to stop making “Toxic Goals” for yourself and your business by understanding what they are and why most people’s goals fail before they even get started

— The root cause of ALL your stress and the “Stress Solution” … the simple yet powerful mindset shift that cures it and will lead you into the effortless success zone

—The 5 Ego Traps that sabotages you from building unstoppable momentum towards your goals

—The Procrastination Cure and why it works towards you taking consistent action towards your New Year’s goals

— The single most important factor in your day to day highest performance in life and in your business

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What if you could see a pathway to your business success with more funds, more global impact and stress free business expansion using the Infinite Potential and Power of your mind…like nothing you have seen or experienced before? When you See this for yourself, you are able to connect more deeply to your True Nature;Your Authentic Self.

This allows you to move through life with new confidence, peace of mind and fulfillment.

New behaviors emerge not from willpower but from a natural momentum.

It bears the fruit of new ideas, new experiences and a fresh relationship to who we are and how we show up in the world.

The Secrets to Enlightened Entrepreneurship is meant to bring together like-minded, high achieving individuals to create a space for connections, new insights and real-world results. To connect you to a powerful understanding that will change the game for your work and life.

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When: Wednesday January 15th 2020

Time: 6pm EST/3pm PDT

Title: Make 2020 Your Best Year Yet For Power, Freedom, Balance and Impact: How to Breakthrough the 5 Ego-traps That Sabotage Your Dreams.

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I think you’re going to love it… and leave feeling free and inspired to finally accomplish what you set out to. See you there!

Love and Blessings,

See you soon!

Dr. Vijaya Nair, Organizer

Transformational Health & Business Coach

cell: 914 263 6231


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