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Volume I | April 14, 2020
April 2020 news & updates
How are you all? I’m writing from my sweet apartment on West 11th Street, sequestered and thinking of everyone with hope and love. Please take good care and practice social distancing, healthy eating and support each other during these challenging times. We’re facing a lot in NYC and I know it’s not easy for anyone anywhere right now. Our world may not be the same as we knew it for a few years or, maybe, ever. Nonetheless, freedom lies ahead! Let’s rest, gather our energy and create a new world together.
If you need masks, I know a fantastic designer, Michael Kaye, who is selling washable ones for $10 along with other designers featured on the same page. I wore one of Michael’s dresses for this music video.
You are welcome to tell him I sent you
Photo by Portrait Madame
My new original songs are in progress and I’ll be in touch about an upcoming EP and engagements.
We all know that the entertainment industry has been drastically altered, however, I am working and I’ll let you know how it’s all going.
A big thank you and shout out to the Cafè Royale Cultural Foundation Hamburg who awarded me a grant for music production to make the new EP possible.
Writing for WestView News
As many of you know, I’ve been contributing articles for and helping our monthly Village publication, WestView News which distributes 12,000 print copies to its 30,000 readers each month.
Publisher George Capsis and the entire WestView team are thrilled that our neighbor Sarah Jessica Parker praised our April 2020 issue on her social media pages. SJP mentioned how the paper is helping us all through this tough time. We’re very grateful to her.
For the April 2020 issue, among more than a dozen other writers, I’ve written an opinion piece about COVID-19, a remote concert review, and an article about remote music lessons as assigned to me by George.
I created a partial Village Resource Guide of dozens of businesses that have remained open including restaurants for take-out and delivery, pharmacies, grocery stores, wine & liquor stores, etc.
Music Lessons
Dear Students & Parents,
I am so happy for all of our students and their remote work at music lessons since social distancing guidelines came into effect. Many of you are maturing and growing very much as musicians due to extra time at your instruments. This is admirable and inspiring.
Even though the public schools remain in session and, I believe, my assistants are continuing to teach this week, I’m taking Spring Break off from teaching to rest and recover from some of the challenges and time put in for all my businesses and community work over the past six weeks.
I know we are all facing a lot of stress. Sometimes it’s good to recharge our batteries. I’m looking forward to hearing and seeing my students next week!
We are planning a possible Zoom or other online student concert for
May 16th
12 noon
for all students who are ready and interested. I’ll be reaching out to everyone with the other teachers about this shortly. KEEP PRACTICING!!
A little help for my friends
Kim's Earth Day Fundraiser
My dear sister, Professor Kim Reimann who teaches political science at Georgia State University, got her PhD and MA at Harvard University and her BA at Barnard College at Columbia University. She has studied and taught about NGOs for decades and knows how effective they can be.
Kim is an Earth Day enthusiast and has partnered with the Sierra Club to raise money to benefit the health and beauty of our planet. Join her and me to donate BEFORE APRIL 22, EARTH DAY when this campaign ends.
There is proof that viruses like COVID-19 have roots in humans destroying natural environments where animals like bats live and feed. When we industrially invade their environments, cutting down their natural environments including trees that have fruit that they eat, they fly to our farms, eat fruit that are meant for humans, leaving their diseases on our food where we or hosts to us are infected. Wet markets also contribute to these diseases which threaten the lives and well-being
of many species.
Mia’s World
My wonderful and talented friend, Mia Berman, interviewed George Capsis, publisher of WestView News, for her weekly show on CITY WORLD RADIO this week.
Complete with her rhyming news report and music historically reflecting the day of the broadcast, Mia and George’s conversation about George’s long and interesting New York City life and his fifteen-year-old community newspaper is informative and entertaining.


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