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A new episode of Let’s Keep It Real is live with my awesome guest, hypnotist, Wendy Merron!

We are chatting about hypnosis, past lives, and she even walks us through a hypnosis you can do on yourself!

Listen HERE!

I am looking for candidates that are truly ready for a life change and are serious about sticking with it. I will be your body and brains personal trainer! If you think you or someone you know is interested in my 60 day program starting mid to late September, please send an email to Meaghan ( with some of your goals and why you think you are ready for this change. 

I always seem to meet people on my path. While Eric and I were walking Dawson, a young man stopped to chat (because we all know dogs are a great way to start a conversation and meet people)…

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Don’t forget, my “Pure Joy” T-Shirt is now available in a women’s t-shirt!

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