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New book combines the healing powers of art, words and essential oil resources 

‘RE LEASE + BE COME’ offers quotes of inspiration from renown global luminaries 

NEW YORK — Debuting author Barbara Bullard invites readers on an exploration of the human spirit through visual art in her book, “RE LEASE + BE COME” (published by Balboa Press). 

Portraying the story of two souls, “RE LEASE + BE COME” models the healing journey of a woman who found herself in an artist’s work, and the artist who chose to live his purpose through suffusing healing energies into his art form. It tells a universal story of letting go, receiving and healing with quotes from renowned leaders from the globe: United Nations Ambassador Anwarul K. Chowdhury, Sanskrit Professor Nadine L. Berardi, Parsons School of Design Faculty Nick Dawes, Chief Priest of Sivananda Yoga Ranch Shri Sankaran Namboodiripad, and Founding Partner of SPREAD Design + Learning, Sonia Manchanda.. 

The book is a collaboration of Bullard’s inspirational words of physical and spiritual healing and Al Johnson’s paintings that explore the depths of consciousness. It tells a universal story of letting go, receiving and healing. “RE LEASE + BE COME” seeks to restore the integrity of the human spirit through art, words, and resources for healing emotional wounds.  

At this time when racism is being discussed as a health crisis. 

An excerpt is taken from Ambassador Anwarul Chowdhury’s message reads: 

I believe this book offers a significant opportunity to stimulate global consciousness and to serve as a stepping-stone into the next realms of human evolution. I am encouraged that this publication will be made available to galleries, holistic centers, and integrative social media campaigns. 

When asked what she wants readers to take away from the book, the author says, “That they too are self empowered. Every day is a choice to unveil, release, become, and inspire.” 

“RE LEASE + BE COME: The Story of 2 Souls” 

By Barbara Bullard 

Softcover | 8.5 x 8.5in | 86 pages | ISBN 9781982230128 

E-Book | 86 pages | ISBN 9781982230111 

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble 

Also Available: 

RE LEASE + BE COME Conversation Series 

On a global exploration of the human spirit through visual art, The Release + Become Conversation interactive series features global visionaries of art, design, community + healing. The inaugural Release + Become

Conversation Series highlights contributors of the newly launched book matched with innovative thinkers for change. From the United States and India, the inaugural Release + Become Conversation Series featured Founding Partner of Spread Design and Innovation Pvt. Ltd., Creator of a Global Open Innovation Project Sonia Manchanda, and Visual Artist Al Johnson. Conversations are available on the RE LEASE + BE COME website. 

About the Author 

Barbara Bullard, president of the Shirley Chisholm Cultural Institute, creative entrepreneur, publicist, author, and producer serves as a social innovator and catalyst for cultural transformation. She is committed to inspiring through the medium ofstorytelling. Her process illuminatesthe past, present, and future, accessing innovative methodsto disperse sight,sound, and texture to the local and global community. The goal throughout Bullard’s career has always been on empowering legacy as the living waters so that the story never dies but transforms. Using skills acquired from managing marketing research strategies for Lincoln Center Productions, HBO, and music production of global advertising firms has led to launching the rebranding of a world-class performing arts campus and a historical premiere theatre located in the highest concentration of African Americans in the United States. Bullard continues to work with visual and mixed media artists offering innovative exhibition opportunities. She is currently a consultant to an international brand curating initiatives of social justice and art. Also, she serves as a curator on The Hill to continually produce critically conscious stories offering a platform for marginalized voices in collaboration with the Congressional Media Caucus. Her goal is to continue to work in multimedia platforms producing critically conscious stories.

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