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Gaining momentum as we head into 2022


The New NEAR Learning Initiative Will Help Inspire Web3 Developers

In December, NEAR Education launched a major new learning initiative. With the 1,000 Teacher program, NEAR Education will train a thousand people to educate and inspire the next generation of Web 3 developers.

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By design, DAOs are social projects. We take a look at some of the top Social DAO Projects currently building on the NEAR Ecosystem.

deadmau5 Launches NFT Partnership with Mintbase and NEAR

At the 2021 edition of Art Basel Miami, electronic music DJ and producer deadmau5 and indie band Portugal. the Man announced a music NFT collaboration in partnership with NEAR and Mintbase. As featured in ForbesBillboard.comCoindesk, the musicians hope to go platinum (1 million record sales in the US) with an audio NFT.

MoonPay’s NEAR Launch Lets Users from 150 New Countries Buy $NEAR via Debt/Credit Cards

MoonPay, the Swiss-based crypto payments infrastructure company used by more than 5 million people, just announced that customers worldwide will be able to buy $NEAR directly through its platform. Moonpay’s European users have already been buying $NEAR via debit/credit cards, but now users in 150 other countries, including the United States, can use MoonPay’s quick, simple service.

Aurora Partners With ConsenSys, Bringing MetaMask, Infura and More Ethereum Tools to NEAR

Aurora just announced several exciting new partnerships. Aurora’s partnership with ConsenSys lets the DeFi platform bring Ethereum tools like MetaMask, Infura, and others to NEAR. And with Aurora’s partnership with The Graph, the platform is bringing superior data indexing to the NEAR ecosystem.

Flux Protocol to Power Aurora’s DeFi Growth

Flux Protocol is set to enable Aurora’s emerging decentralized ecosystem to securely tap into reliable data sources. Flux’s meta-oracle infrastructure will pull in data from within and outside the Aurora network, resulting in more refined real-world indicators for dApps that smart contract developers can use to maximize product utility.

NEAR Foundation Launches New Validator Program To Further Decentralize the Network

A new NEAR Foundation validator program will help further decentralize the NEAR network. How will it do this? The NEAR Foundation Delegation Program will support validators who have contributed to the ecosystem and are ready to join the NEAR Mainnet.

NEAR Partners With KYVE To Bring Permanent Storage to Ecosystem

Developers working in the NEAR ecosystem can now use KYVE as a storage and validation solution for their data streams starting today. KYVE bridges data from NEAR by taking a snapshot of the complete NEAR chain and storing it permanently on Arweave, the decentralized storage network that offers Web3 projects a platform for the indefinite storage of data.

The NEAR Community Choice Awards Winners Are In!

The inaugural NEAR Community Choice Awards winners are now in! The awards, which were powered by AstroDao, celebrate your favorite community projects on NEAR. Head over to the NEAR Twitter account to see the winners!

The DevRel team are sharing their insights more regularly

The new DevRel section on is offering tips, and tutorials.

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